20 April 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Wk 1

So I started a 30 day blogging challenge and decided to invite some of my friends. Surprisingly a good number of them joined, and it has been an interesting journey to “Day 30”.

At first I bothered about how I was going to write every day. Then I remembered that I had lots of undeveloped drafts that would take me at least halfway. It’s just the first week and I have picked a lot of positives from this challenge.

  1. You can’t know if they would like it if you do not ASK
  2. The moment you start, then you can be more sure to reach your destination
  3. If you are willing, you will eat the good of the land (which includes everything that requires willingness to achieve)

Midway into the challenge a mini tragedy struck. I got swarmed by work and missed two days. Then I slumped into a block. I had to apply what I learned from Leo Babauta – shifting the goal of building or changing a habit to make it less impossible.

With this, I shifted the goal post from writing one post everyday to writing 30 posts in 30 days. By doing this, I’d have to write more than one post on some days to meet the goal.

I want to say a big thank you to the members of the group who have joined me in this challenge.

The good thing about this challenge is that it wasn’t tied to any topic or theme. There were posts on fashion, automobiles, football, technology, personal experiences, anniversaries, speaking better English, etc.


The 30 Day Blogging Challenge
Why I Want to Keep Writing
The Second Manchester Derby of the 2014/2015 EPL Season
How do unqualified people get to lead?
Being upbeat is very necessary

Olx and The Kidnapped Orekoya Boys
Social Media and Workplace Productivity
Drones Drones Drones

Life before the Computer- Tech Jokes
Nigeria’s First Gadget Protection Plan
Platini Says Yes To Goal Line Technology
Why Is Data So Expensive?
Wasted Time in the Workplace – Infographic

Greg Emuze
What’s That Noise?
Shaft Problems
My Brother Has Sickle Cell

10 Signs Of A Straining Relationship

Lola Tewe
Diary of a Girl Mentor
Diary of a Girl Mentor – Adora (Part 1)
Diary of a Girl Mentor – Adora (Part 2)
Let Girls Learn
You Are Next In Line for a Miracle

Susan Michael
Why Linger
Always Ahead Of You
Consider The Seed

Adunola Macaulay
Been such a long time
Little Preacher?
First Year

Tope Owolabi
Why wait and waste?
Still Stand
Still Stand 2

Iyinoluwa Balogun
‘Everyday’ Or ‘Every Day’
‘Been’ Or ‘Being’

Opeyemi Otolorin
Treasure Hunting
Life Lessons from Primary School Children

Tochukwu Ezeukwu
Few People Invest Here
The World is Watching

Ehis Anthony
Impressive Gunners

Enitan Ewebiyi
The Boyfriend Jeans

Kofo Akingbola

That’s it, 42 new posts on 7 days. Very encouraging, especially with Ayo having the best streak of not missing any day.

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