24 February 2016

    A Conversation With Claude Grunitzky, Co-Founder Of TRACE TV and TRUE Africa

    On Monday, the 22nd of February 2016, I attended the first day of Social Media Week Lagos, and it was an amazing outing.

    The session that had the most impact on me was the live Google Hangout with Claude Grunitzky.

    Claude Grunitzky is the Founder of TRACE and Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief of TRUE Africa.

    I was late for the session. When I got to the venue, it was halfway gone. The little time I spent returned a great yield for me. I took notes for the first time.

    On revenue for media platforms and content producers

    Claude is of the opinion that publishers establish alternative sources of revenue. According to him, “supplement ad revenues with other sources of revenue like content sponsorship”.

    Meet companies to sponsor your content if, your audience matches their target demography. Offer partnership with the end goal of sponsoring your content

    I asked:

    “How can African media companies adapt or adjust to the low quality of Internet on the continent?”

    Claude answered:

    “Make content simple and digestible. Include a lot of photography. Not too much video content. Exploit visual elements. Go mobile first. Make your platform responsive. Integrate to Facebook.”

    I asked:

    “How can African media companies be as profitable as BuzzFeed. Given that the Internet culture on the continent is not as advanced as America’s?”

    Claude answered:

    “BuzzFeed found a profitable niche. In Africa, you can’t easily be successful with one brand. Create different brands across different verticals. Tap into specific social networks. In Africa, people aren’t stuck on one platform”

    This is what Big Cabal is doing currently with TechCabal and Zikoko. If there’s anything I learned on Monday, Claude’s last answer stuck like glue. I hope to make an extra push on FootyLogue and execute all other verticals I have in mind.

    So help me God.

    The Social Media Week Lagos still runs till Friday the 26th of February 2016. Show up, you’d be glad you did.


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