22 September 2015

    My Blogging OS Just Got Ugraded

    My blog has lasted for a while. Both in my mind, and in reality. By virtue of this time, not enough articles have been posted on it.

    Starting a blog at the time I did was a big competition for me. An inner competition. I wanted to cover up with the years I lost due to inaccessibility to the Internet. I have always wanted to blog, way before Linda Ikeji started (when it was called a weblog).

    In the mid 2000s, I read a lot about information products (ebooks etc). I learnt so much about them by going to cafe’s. In fact, I had already chosen a niche.

    In the end I could not consummate my passion.


    Later on, I began to learn “how to write sales letters”, in the days of Warrior forum and the likes. I followed Akin Alabi and even went for one of his seminars on Internet marketing (around 2008).

    It wasn’t until I got a job in a tech company, that I was able to start my blog on WordPress (free). By then, the zeal had died. It was just to “fulfill righteousness”.

    After doing a review especially when I was being bothered about not doing anything to contribute to the internet, I discovered that writing was going to help me in my job – Software Testing. Software testers do a lot of writing. From test plans, to test cases, to reporting bugs.

    Finding a bug is not enough. The found bug has to be clearly communicated to the developer in a way that avoids confusion. Tweet: Finding a bug is not enough. The found bug has to be clearly communicated to the developer in a way that avoids confusion. ~@chaibizi

    I still didn’t do much writing after this discovery.

    Then came the intimidating bloggers I found online.

    John Saddington, Leo Babauta, Seth Godin, James Clear, Andrew Chen, Shane Parrish, Maria Popova, Tim Ferriss, Michael Cox and many others. I confused myself the more by copying these bloggers. By trying to find a niche I was passionate about and write about it.

    There is no single hack or trick in the ‘books’, or on blogs that did not try or read at least.

    • Tracking words.
    • Writing everyday challenge.
    • Buying a Kindle with a Bluetooth keyboard.
    • Keeping a spark file.
    • Using Do Note to send article drafts to Evernote.
    • Using Evernote web clipper.
    • Using Simplenote, because it is minimal.
    • Writing only on weekends.
    • Writing during my work breaks.
    • Using an outline.
    • Changing blog themes a dozen times.
    • Taking voice notes, and transcribing to text.
    • Creating an alternative location (blog) to write just about anything, no matter how short.

    Today, I have finally decided to upgrade from Writing 2.0 to Writing 3.0. (Cliche stuff eh!. Simply put as ‘the next level’)


    • No niche or central topic (I believe this will come with time).
    • Writing with a specific ‘real’ person in mind.
    • Writing anything from 250 words upwards (cue taken from Freeman Lafleur).
    • Not calling myself a blogger or writer, or anything close to it (to avoid unnecessary pressure).
    • Simply ‘doing’ without ceremonies or rituals.

    Let’s see how this new ‘version’ of writing goes. This article is already 500+ words long.

    It works!

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