08 April 2018

    Service of Songs for Bolaji Finnih

    Thursday, December 17, 2017.

    I left the office to meet up with Adeolu, Anu and Biodun for the service at Elevation Church. We left late because Adeolu arrived at the meeting point more than 40 minutes behind schedule. As a result, we got stuck in traffic going to Lekki.

    We got to The Pistis Centre just after dusk. As we got into the park, it became real. So BJ was really dead and gone.

    The hall was quiet. I forgot to admire the beautiful auditorium, but quickly got fixed to BJ’s pictures on the big projection screen behind the stage. My heart got heavy instantly.

    The service went well. The words of tribute were so touching. It was obvious that BJ was a good man. A man with a vision. A man who cared about other people and believed in the ones that didn’t have visible potential. We couldn’t just leave the auditorium after it ended.

    We couldn’t believe that BJ was gone forever.

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